Visual artist and designer

Laurie Peters is a UK based visual artist whom graduated with Honours in 1998 from the University of The West of England with a degree in graphic design. He has worked as an Art Director and a Senior Creative for design and advertising agencies in London and the South West of England. Laurie's paintings are mostly abstract compositions of nature, flowers and scenery. Paintings are 100x100cm or larger which are typically acrylic paint and oil pastels.

Artist Bio


• CY Twombly
• Claire Basler
• Malika Favre
• Jamie Evrard
• Matt Cutler -  Aka ‘Lone’

Education & training in the field of art:

• Foundation in Art - Salford Polytechnic 1989
• Btec Nat Dip Graphic design Manchester City College 1992
• Degree Hons Graphic design UWE Bristol 1998

Experience in the field of art:
Creative industries since 1999.
• Advertising industry (Digital): as senior creative, art director, design director, UI designer.
• Branding industry as a Photographer, creative director, animator.
• Television and entertainment industry as animations director, illustrator, podcast creator.
• Virtual reality industry as a games designer,conceptualiser, music and sound effects producer, video producer.
• Music Industry: Published Artist - The Formula - HoHum Records.  Designer / artist / VJ for Harmonic 33 - Warp records, Crispian Mills - Sony music.

A summary of the artist’s artistic philosophy:

I mostly produce larger works, I find when art is made larger it becomes more consuming and unavoidable.
My works can be quite intense, I mostly like to work from anything from 100cmx100cm upwards.
Whether you like them or dislike them, because of their size, they are present and it makes the viewer present also.

Artistic insights or techniques employed by the artist:

I generally use acrylics with matt medium fluid and oil pastels. I’m an impatient painter so paints gets mixed with other paints. I choose floral imagery to explore brighter colours. I’m not concerned on exactly how a flower might look, I’m more interested in the abstraction, colours and their ever changing lines and shapes.